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                                 Mexican American in California

About a year ago I saw the Chinese community in California join forces with Republicans and a small segment of Jewish Americans to defeat affirmative action!


I was stunned that the Chinese Americans who had enjoyed the benefits of Affirmative action for twenty years, being at one time an underrepresented community in the colleges and universities, turn against affirmative action in a very swift and unexpected manner.


Black and Brown Americans all know why there was a need for affirmative action. The horror of the English, Irish and European’s  committing mayhem and murder as they made their way across a continent. was one reason. The service of black and brown Americans fighting and dying for this country is a second reason.  And the Mexican American community being stripped of its land and wealth in the South West is a third reason.


The Chinese don’t seem to understand this. These recent Chinese are turning out to be a racist and arrogant people who continually commit treason against the United States and seem only to be working actively for the interest of themselves and China.  These Chinese say their Chinese but they act like the Japanese of the 1940’s!  They think they can push Black Americans and the native peoples of North America aside.


Black and Brown Californian’s are now in agreement that it is time we talk to the Chinese.  The Chinese like living together so it will be easy to engage in mass demonstrations in their neighborhoods, Temples, community centers and schools.  And if that does not work, closing the ports of California to Chinese trade and forcing Chinese companied to lay off a hundred million Chinese should work. I love the thought of one hundred million Chinese screaming at their California cousins! Sometimes lessons must be learned the hard way.


I think it is time that Black and Brown Americans work to remove all Chinese from the California legislature. We also need to have a very long discussion with Jewish Americans letting them know that if they do not support Affirmative Action, we can no longer support Israel. If the Jewish community will not assist us in those things that are very important to us, we have no need to support them in in those things that are important to them.


The same holds true for the Republicans in Southern California. They are mostly the racist descendants of the Southern Confederates who settled in Arizona and Southern California just before the start of the American civil war.  There is enough Black and Brown medal of honor and silver star recipients in California to replace the Republicans and Chinese elected officials. I am not worried about any Chinese medal of honor winners running against them. There are none!



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