Black and Brown Americans are the largest ethnic group in the world that have no representation in their government.  Specifically, the Senate of the United States.


There are currently approximately forty million Black Americans. And forty million Mexican Americans who the native peoples of North American.  How could it be that such a large portion of the population have no representation in the Senate?


 How could it be that Black Americans who have suffered the chains of slavery yet still fought for this country since the American Revolution have so little representation. How is it possible that the Mexican American community who have fought and bled for this country since the Civil War and every war since then, have so little representation?   Will this continue even as minority Americans become an ever growing part of the US military, approaching fifty percent?


Part of the problem is that the Democratic party does nothing to recruit Black or Brown Americans as the Republicans do. Did you notice that there are Republican governors of Nevada and New Mexico who are Republicans? That is because the Republicans see the writing on the wall and they find and fund Mexican Americans who are Republicans.


Part of the problem is the failure of these communities to organize for their own interests and the interests of the nation. This will change now! The 2018 elections will become the rally cry, the peal of the Liberty bell. Let freedom ring!


  First and foremost, I will state here that the national interest is paramount, yet the right of every ethnic group to improve the lives of their community is as old as the republic itself.  We will not take the route of the Jewish Americans and Chinese Americans who put the interest of foreign nations, in this case Israel and China first.


These are the states that the Mexican American community must now win. We will do this by organizing, finding and funding those candidates that have similar interests.  The most important way we will do this is by moving our populations out of California and Texas into Nevada and New Mexico, to insure this two seats in area’s that we have historically been in are now represented by members of our community.


We will also organize so that any candidate running for office in California, Texas, Colorado, Utah and Arizona are sensitive to the needs of our communities.


The time is now!  With the Executive branch of the Federal government, having as it head, Donald Trump,  a fool and a racist, there is no longer any time to equivocate, hesitate or delay.


For the last few years, I have been asking Black and Brown Military veterans if there is anyone who has the right to tell them where they can live. I always get the same answer. “No one can tell me where I can and can no live”.


I would ask all my fellow Americans to support this movement. Especially Euro-Americans. It is only with their support that I feel this movement can be successful and peaceful.


You will find me on my web site that I am now developing, if you wish to participate in this movement.



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