Recently, we have  witnessed the exposure of corruption in Mexico, Central and South America. The old order is being demolished. New governments with the interests of the whole nation are taking political power.  The dynamics of the developing situation in Mexico,  Central and South America must now be dealt with forthright. An extraordinary opportunity for peaceful  political and economic reform in the Americas must  not be allowed to fail. With a new determination – we must finish the job.


 In parts of Mexico, Central and South America, we have a elite group of individuals who have monopolized wealth. They continue to fight against the age of equality. They are the remnants of a colonial past that wants to maintain Spanish-European domination.  They are the ones who hid  Nazi’s from justice and oppress the native peoples of their lands.  Their time is at an end.


The Mexican-American  community has fought for the freedom of Europeans and Asians in two World Wars, Korea and Vietnam. It is time that we  once again challenge oppression. This time fighting for our own people, by putting an end to poverty, corruption and injustice in the America’s.


 Minority Americans believe that America is our common brotherhood, our common love of liberty. America must remain a rising tide of freedom. The movement for political and economic reform in Mexico, Central and South America  must be strengthen  now. We must help resolve the challenge put forth or witness revolution in the America’s.


America was never meant to be a island of prosperity,  surrounded by a sea of misery. Our country was created to strike away the chains of oppression and tyranny. Freedom is expensive.  We pay with our peace, the blood of our youth and the treasury of our nation. Yet we must act. The struggle for democracy is the historic struggle for our humanity. It is the ultimate heroic trait of Americans, that they will say no to the tyrant and then calmly take the consequences of their action.


We cannot expect to be always at peace and always free-then we expect what never has been and may never be. Freedom is one of those things that you cannot posses unless you give it to others. When my neighbor is free, he sees his freedom equally in me.


 There is still great need for change in Mexico,  Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Brazil. The rights of indigenous peoples  to equality  is a continuing theme for the last five hundred years. The governments of Mexico , Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, r  are like the governments of South Africa and Rhodesia 20  years ago;  not seeing the hand writing on the wall. The native peoples of the New World  and the Black communities of South America will no longer be patient; they want equality and they want it now.


We must act now.  There is not enough policeman or jails, not enough courts nor armies to support governments not representative of the  people.  Liberty is never out of bounds or off limits. It can spread wherever it can capture the imagination and hope of men. As Daniel Webster once said, “Justice is the ligament which holds civilized beings and civilized nations together.”


It is time that Minority Americans actively  support political reform in the America’s. From Simon Bolivar to Benito Juarez, all revolutions start in the United States.  It is the land of freedom. Where men can organize and dream of a better life for their people. When Francisco Madero and Benito Juarez were asked, “ why go to America” , their answer was, “because that’s were the money and the guns are.” Today, I think Madero and Juarez would answer the same question a little differently, “It is where the money, the guns and the television stations are located.”


 When the Rich  of Mexico and Central America,  who control its political parties,  say that the United States should not interfere in their political affairs, what they really mean is that we should do nothing that endangers their wealth, their privileges or their domination by brutality, assassination or poverty of the masses of Mexican  and Central American people.


There are now many streams and currents that are already working for peaceful political and economic reform in Mexico, Central and South America. It is now necessary that these currents be supported and that the focus and attention of the United States be brought to bear on those elements in the America’s  that are reactionary and racist in nature.  They must be told that Minority Americans in the United States reserve the right to use such means as are necessary to demand an end to trade with counties that oppress their indigenous population.


 Minority America will first make appeals and give prayer to those “Yankees” that we have know these many years. We saw them at Bunker Hill, and at Fort Donaldson and Vicksburg. We know their quiet determination from fighting along side  them at  Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. We have stood united beside them, when fighting against Nazism, Fascism,  Militarism and Communism.  Hopefully they will respond to just cause once again.


 It is my most soulful prayer that this struggle never becomes a battle against various races or nationalities. “Whoever seeks to set one nationality against another, seeks to degrade all nationalities. Whoever seeks to set one race against another, seeks to enslave all races. Whoever seeks to set one religion against another seeks to destroy all religions. I am fighting for a free America.” Franklin Roosevelt.




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